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black eye bruised skin around the eye, often caused by being hit.
brow the ridge of bone above the eye, or the hair growing on it; eyebrow. [1/2 definitions]
cataract a clouding of the lens of the eye, blocking out light and making it difficult or impossible to see. [1/2 definitions]
Cyclops a giant in Greek mythology who has only one eye, in the middle of his forehead.
eye any of a number of things that look like an eye. [1/5 definitions]
eyeball the part of the eye that is shaped like a ball. The eyeball sits in the eye socket.
eyebrow the ridge of bone above each eye. [2 definitions]
eyesight the distance the eye can see; view. [1/2 definitions]
eyetooth a pointed tooth in the upper jaw, located beneath the eye. The eyeteeth are also called "canines."
fair1 pleasing to the eye; lovely. [1/7 definitions]
gene a tiny section of a chromosome. A gene causes a particular characteristic, such as eye color or hair color, to be passed on from parent to offspring.
iris the colored circle around the pupil of the eye. [1/2 definitions]
kaleidoscope a tube with small bits of colored glass and mirrors inside. The tube is held to the eye and turned to see changing forms.
lens a clear part of the eye that brings together the rays of light needed for sight. The lens focuses rays of light so that they form an image inside the eye on the retina. [1/3 definitions]
lid a fold of skin and muscle that can be closed over the eye; eyelid. [1/2 definitions]
light1 the form of energy that makes it possible for the eye to see. The sun produces light. [1/11 definitions]
microscope an instrument that uses a lens to make very small objects larger so that they can be seen by the eye.
microscopic too small to be seen with the eye. [1/2 definitions]
ophthalmologist a doctor who works in the branch of medicine that studies and treats diseases of the eye.
ophthalmology the branch of medicine that studies and treats diseases of the eye.
optical of or having to do with the sense of sight or the eye. [1/2 definitions]