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absence the fact or condition of being away or not present. [1/3 definitions]
actually as a matter of fact; really.
after all used to remind the listener of an important fact or to ask the listener to consider this fact. [1/2 definitions]
age the fact of being in the later years of one's life. [1/8 definitions]
although in spite of the fact that; even though; though.
being the state or fact of living or existing. [1/2 definitions]
bet to feel sure or confident without knowing (something) as a fact. [1/4 definitions]
birth the act or fact of being born. [1/3 definitions]
certainty a fact that cannot be argued with. [1/2 definitions]
change the act of changing; the fact of being changed. [1/10 definitions]
circumstance a condition or fact connected with or having an effect on an event or situation.
connection the fact of being related; relationship or association. [1/3 definitions]
credit to take as a fact; believe. [1/7 definitions]
defeat the act or fact of defeating. [2/4 definitions]
disappearance the act of disappearing or the fact of having disappeared.
disappointment the fact or feeling of being disappointed. [1/3 definitions]
equality the condition, fact, or quality of being equal.
exception the act or fact of leaving out. [1/2 definitions]
faithful staying close to fact; truthful or accurate. [1/2 definitions]
given accepted by all as a fact. [1/4 definitions]
guilt the fact of having done something wrong or having broken a law. [1/2 definitions]