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alto the vocal range between tenor and soprano. Alto is the lowest range for the female voice and highest for the male. [1/4 definitions]
Amazon a member of a race of tall, strong, and fierce female warriors who are written about in Greek mythology. [1/2 definitions]
ballerina a female ballet dancer.
banshee a female spirit in Irish folk stories. Banshees wail to predict someone's death.
bighorn a wild sheep found in the Rocky Mountains of North America. The male has large, curved horns; the female has short, straight horns. They are also called Rocky Mountain sheep.
black widow a small spider of North and South America. The female has a shiny, black body with a red mark on her underside and a poisonous bite.
breast either of the two glands on the human chest, usually bigger on women than on men. Babies get milk from female breasts. [1/2 definitions]
caribou an animal with long legs and a long neck. Caribou are mammals with antlers and hooves. They live in the northern part of North America. Caribou are closely related to moose and other kinds of deer. Both male and female caribou have antlers.
cattle large mammals raised on farms or ranches for their milk or meat. Female cattle are called cows. Male cattle are called steers or bulls. Young cattle are called calves. The ox and the yak are kinds of cattle.
congresswoman (often capitalized) a female member of the U.S. House of Representatives.
cow1 the adult female of cattle. [2 definitions]
daughter a person's female child.
doe an adult female deer, goat, or rabbit. Adult females of some similar animals are also called does.
duck1 a female duck. The male is often called a drake. [1/2 definitions]
egg1 a cell in a female animal or in some kinds of plants that can develop into a new individual after it is fertilized. [1/2 definitions]
empress the female ruler of an empire. [1/2 definitions]
ewe an adult female sheep.
F3 abbreviation of female.
feminine of or having to do with a woman or girl; of the female sex.
filly a young female horse, usually one that is five years old or younger.
girl a female child or teenager. [2 definitions]