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cable a thick, strong rope made of steel or fiber. [1/5 definitions]
cotton the soft, white fiber of this plant. [1/5 definitions]
cottonwood a North American tree of the poplar family. Cottonwoods grow quickly and bear seeds surrounded by fiber that looks like cotton. [1/2 definitions]
fibre a spelling of "fiber" used in Canada and Britain. See "fiber."
filament a fine thread, wire, or fiber. [1/2 definitions]
flax a fiber made from the stem of this plant. The fiber is spun into thread. [1/2 definitions]
hemp a tall plant first found in Asia. Hemp is an important source of fiber for rope and coarse cloth. [2 definitions]
jute a thick, strong fiber taken from a plant and used to make rope and rough cloth. [2 definitions]
mesh a material or article made of fiber woven to form open spaces, as in a net. [1/4 definitions]
pile3 the thick, soft fiber on the surface of a rug or a piece of cloth. Pile is made of loops of yarn or other material that are sometimes cut.
rope a strong cord of twisted or woven fiber, wire, or similar material. Ropes can be used to tie, pull, or lift. [1/5 definitions]
silk a fine, soft, shiny fiber produced by certain insects. [1/4 definitions]
strand2 a single fiber from such a length. [1/3 definitions]