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area a field of study. [1/3 definitions]
art the field of visual works such as painting and drawing. [1/4 definitions]
ballgame a game played with a ball on a field.
captain the field leader of a sports team. [1/6 definitions]
center a player who is in a middle position on a playing field or court. [1/7 definitions]
center fielder in baseball, the player whose position is in center field when the other team is batting and whose primary function is to defend that territory.
chemist one who is active or expert in the field of chemistry.
decathlon an athletic contest made up of ten different track and field events. Each athlete takes part in all ten events, over a period of two days.
diamond the part of a baseball field that is marked by the four bases and the paths connecting them. [1/5 definitions]
discus a disk made of wood with a metal rim, thrown for distance by some track and field athletes. [1/2 definitions]
dugout an area with benches on which baseball players can sit during a game when they are not on the playing field. [1/3 definitions]
fielder a player in the field in baseball, softball, or cricket.
football a game played in the United States and Canada by two teams on a long field. Each team tries to score points by passing or carrying the ball to the other team's end of the playing area, or by kicking it through the goal posts. [1/4 definitions]
foul line either of the lines on a baseball field drawn from home plate through first and third bases to the outfield. Foul lines mark the area within which fair play takes place. [1/2 definitions]
frontier (sometimes plural) the part of a settlement, exploration, or field of study which is being newly discovered. [1/2 definitions]
glove a large, padded leather glove used by baseball or softball players in the field. Unlike most gloves, the fingers on a baseball or softball glove are laced together. [1/3 definitions]
great a person famous for excellence in a particular field; star. [1/6 definitions]
gridiron a football field. [1/2 definitions]
history the field of knowledge that is concerned with past events. [1/4 definitions]
hockey a sport like this played on a grass field with a ball by two teams of eleven players; field hockey. [1/2 definitions]
javelin a field event in which a javelin is thrown for distance as a test of strength and skill. [1/3 definitions]