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compute to figure out or calculate by using arithmetic. [2 definitions]
confusing hard to figure out or to get the correct meaning from; puzzling.
crack to figure out; find a solution to. [1/9 definitions]
decipher to figure out the meaning of, when the handwriting is bad or the use of words is not clear. [1/2 definitions]
guess to figure out correctly without knowing for certain. [1/4 definitions]
identify to figure out or show who someone is or what something is. [1/3 definitions]
riddle1 any question, problem, person, or thing that is difficult to figure out. [1/2 definitions]
solve to find or figure out an answer to.
tree ring the layer of wood made by a tree during a single year; annual ring. It is possible to figure out the age of a tree that has fallen or has been cut down by counting its rings.