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at last after a long time or wait; finally.
at length at last; finally. [1/2 definitions]
Danube River an important river in Europe that starts in Germany and flows south and east through many countries in central Europe. When it finally reaches the country of Ukraine, it flows into the Black Sea.
determine to decide or settle finally and without question. [1/3 definitions]
Euphrates River a river that flows from eastern Turkey through Syria and Iraq. In southeastern Iraq, it joins the Tigris River and finally empties with it into the Persian Gulf.
eventually at a future time; in the end; finally.
in the long run at the end of a period of time; finally.
lost and found a place where lost things are kept until the owner comes for them or until they are finally disposed of.
Mississippi River a river in the United States that flows from Minnesota south through the Midwest, then along the border between Mississippi and Louisiana, and finally into the Gulf of Mexico.
Niger River a long river in western Africa that begins in Guinea and flows through Mali and Niger. It then flows along the border between Niger and Benin, through Nigeria, and finally into the Atlantic Ocean. It is an extremely important water source in the region.
Orinoco River a major river of South America that starts near the Venezuelan border with Brazil, flows across Venezuela, then along the border with Colombia, and finally empties into the Atlantic Ocean.
Paraguay River a large river in South America that begins in southwestern Brazil, flows through Paraguay and along its border with Argentina. Finally, it joins the Paraná River at the southwestern tip of Paraguay.
settle1 to finally agree upon or decide. [1/9 definitions]
win to get through great effort; finally achieve. [1/4 definitions]