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clarinet a woodwind instrument with a reed mouthpiece attached to a long tube with finger holes and keys along its length.
dial the disk with numbered finger holes on some telephones. A telephone dial allows the caller to select the numbers being called by turning the disk. [1/6 definitions]
digit a finger or toe. [1/2 definitions]
finger one of the five jointed parts at the end of the hand. Sometimes the thumb is not counted as a finger. [2/3 definitions]
fingernail a hard, clear piece that grows at the end of the finger.
fingerprint a mark made by the tip of a finger on an object that it has touched. Police and hospital records keep fingerprints made by a finger dipped in ink. These are used for identification, because no two people have the same fingerprint. [1/2 definitions]
flute a woodwind instrument with a high pitch. It is a long tube with finger holes or keys along it and is played by blowing into a hole near one end.
forefinger the finger next to the thumb; index finger.
glove a covering for the hand that has separate parts for each finger and the thumb. [1/3 definitions]
index finger the finger between the thumb and the longest finger. The index finger is the finger most often used for pointing.
knuckle a joint of a finger.
nail a hard growth at the end of a finger or toe. [1/3 definitions]
oboe a woodwind instrument with a high tone. It has a long, thin body with finger holes or keys, and is played by blowing into a mouthpiece.
pinch to press hard between two surfaces, such as the finger and thumb. [2/7 definitions]
point to show direction or location by indicating with one's finger. [1/13 definitions]
ring1 a small band of metal or other hard material in the shape of a circle. Rings are worn on the finger for their beauty or as a symbol. [1/6 definitions]
ring finger the third finger of the hand, especially the left hand, on which an engagement, wedding, or similar ring is traditionally worn.
thimble a small cup worn to protect the finger that pushes the needle through cloth when sewing. A thimble is usually made of a hard material such as metal or plastic.
thumb the short, thick first finger on humans and other primates. The thumb makes it easy for the hand to pick up things and grasp them. [2/3 definitions]