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breeze (informal) to progress or finish something quickly or with little effort. [1/3 definitions]
call it a day to finish working.
cap1 to finish or complete. [1/5 definitions]
catch up to finish something, but later than planned (usually followed by "on" or "with"). [1/2 definitions]
close to end; finish. [1/14 definitions]
complete to finish. [1/6 definitions]
conclude to bring to an end; finish or complete. [1/2 definitions]
end to cause to stop; finish; conclude. [2/6 definitions]
finish line a line that marks the end of a race. The first person who crosses the finish line in a race is the winner.
intern2 a doctor who recently graduated from medical school and is working with more experienced doctors to finish training. [1/2 definitions]
molding a strip of wood, stone, or other material used to frame or finish a door, window or wall. Moldings are often used for decoration in a home. [1/2 definitions]
patent leather leather that has a hard, shiny finish.
pay off to finish payments on.
place to finish a race or contest in a particular position. [1/12 definitions]
sateen a glossy cotton or linen fabric that resembles satin.
surface to finish by smoothing or leveling. [1/4 definitions]
through from the start to the finish. [1/13 definitions]
throughout from the start to the finish; during the whole time. [1/3 definitions]
university a large school, where people both learn and do research. A student must finish high school before attending a university. Universities offer several levels of degrees.
use up to use all of; finish.
wrap up to finish up; complete.