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astronaut a person trained to take part in space flight.
bumpy of a ride or flight, causing passengers and objects to suddenly bounce up and down, or to feel as if they are being bounced. [1/2 definitions]
flight attendant a person who works on an airplane helping the passengers during a flight.
guided missile a missile that can be guided throughout its flight until it reaches its target.
gull1 a water bird that has webbed feet, gray and white feathers, and long, pointed wings. They are graceful and powerful in flight.
landing the floor at the top or bottom of a flight of stairs. [1/3 definitions]
martin a bird of the swallow family. Martins eat insects while in flight.
stoop2 a large step or small porch at the entrance to a home, often reached by a short flight of steps.
swallow2 a small bird with long, pointed wings and often a forked tail. Swallows are known for their graceful flight and move to different areas at certain times of the year.
tumble to roll end over end while falling or while in flight. [1/5 definitions]
wing any body part that looks or acts like a wing, but does not enable flight. [1/6 definitions]