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ark (sometimes capitalized) in the Bible, the large boat built by Noah to save his family and two of every animal from a flood sent by God. [1/2 definitions]
deluge a flood caused by a great amount of water. [3/4 definitions]
engulf to cover entirely, as if by a flood.
flood to rise, pour, or overflow in a flood or as if in a flood. [1/5 definitions]
gush to flood out in large amounts and with great force; spurt. [1/3 definitions]
overflow to flood over or across. [1/5 definitions]
overrun to flow over; flood. [1/3 definitions]
submerge to cover completely or cause to overflow with water; flood. [1/3 definitions]
torrent a heavy flow of water with a strong current, such as a rushing stream, a flood, or a heavy rainfall.