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balcony an upper floor with rows of seats that juts out into a theater or auditorium. [1/2 definitions]
continental shelf the edge of a continent that is below water. Just beyond the continental shelf lies a steep slope leading down to the ocean floor.
deck the floor on a ship or boat. Sometimes a ship has several decks at different levels. [2/4 definitions]
downstairs at, to, or on a lower floor. [3 definitions]
elevator a platform or a small room used to raise and lower people or goods from one level or floor to another in a building. [1/2 definitions]
flat2 a British word for a group of connected rooms on one floor used as a place to live. Flat usually has the same meaning as apartment.
floor to cover with or provide with a floor or floor covering. [1/6 definitions]
gallery an upper floor which opens over a theater or large hall; balcony. [1/2 definitions]
girder a heavy beam made of steel or wood used to support the floor or framework of a bridge or building.
hatch2 an opening in the floor, roof, or side of a building or vehicle. Hatches are often found on ships and allow passengers or cargo to pass through. [1/2 definitions]
hearth the floor of a fireplace, or the stone or brick area in front of it. [1/2 definitions]
landing the floor at the top or bottom of a flight of stairs. [1/3 definitions]
linoleum a floor covering that is not easily worn out. Linoleum is made by pressing linseed oil and ground-up wood products onto a canvas backing.
loft the top floor of a warehouse or factory. It is usually a large, open space. [1/3 definitions]
mat1 a piece of material that is used as a covering to protect a floor or other surface. [2/6 definitions]
orchestra the section of seats in the front of a theater's main floor. [1/3 definitions]
penthouse an apartment or house built on the top floor or roof of a tall building.
rug a piece of thick material used to cover part of a floor.
shuffle to drag or scrape the feet along the floor while walking. [1/4 definitions]
stair (plural) a set of steps that that lead to an upper or lower floor in a building. [1/2 definitions]
staircase a set of steps with a railing that goes from one floor to another in a building.