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artichoke a plant like a tall thistle with a flower head made up of thick leaves. The head of the artichoke is eaten as a vegetable.
bloom a flower; blossom. [1/3 definitions]
blossom the flower of a plant which forms a seed or fruit. [1/4 definitions]
broccoli a plant whose green flower buds and stalk are used for food. Broccoli is related to the cabbage plant.
bud1 a swelling on a plant that can grow into new parts, such as leaves or a flower. [1/3 definitions]
carnation a flower with a pleasant smell and fringed petals. Carnations grow in many colors, including red, white, or pink.
cattail a tall plant with long, flat leaves that grows in wet places. Cattails have long, brown, fuzzy flower spikes.
chrysanthemum the flower of this plant. [1/2 definitions]
clove1 the dried flower bud of an East Indian tree, used to flavor food or drink.
crocus a small plant that blooms in early spring with one colorful flower.
gardenia the flower of this plant. [1/2 definitions]
honey a thick, sweet liquid made from flower nectar by bees. It is yellow or brown. [1/2 definitions]
hull1 the outer covering of the flower buds of certain fruits, such as the strawberry. [1/3 definitions]
jonquil a white or yellow flower with a pleasant smell. The jonquil is much like the daffodil.
lilac the flower of this shrub. [1/3 definitions]
lily the flower of this plant. [1/3 definitions]
magnolia the flower of such a plant. [1/2 definitions]
narcissus the flower of this plant. [2/3 definitions]
orchid the flower of this plant. The flowers come in many colors and sizes. [1/3 definitions]
ovary the part of a flower that contains the seeds and grows into a fruit. [1/2 definitions]
pansy a garden flower that has flat, rounded petals that feel like velvet. Pansies grow in many colors.