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crease a fold or dent made by heat or pressure. [2 definitions]
dewlap a loose fold of skin below the neck of cattle, dogs, and certain other animals.
double to bend or to fold in two (often followed by "over"). [2/13 definitions]
eyelid a fold of skin that can be opened or shut over the eyeball.
hem1 to fold and sew down the edge of. [1/2 definitions]
lap2 to lay or fold over so as to cover another; overlap. [1/3 definitions]
laptop a short form of "laptop computer." A laptop computer is a computer that is small and that can easily be moved from place to place. A laptop computer can fold up so that it can become flat.
lid a fold of skin and muscle that can be closed over the eye; eyelid. [1/2 definitions]
pleat a flat, even fold that is sewn or pressed in cloth. [1/2 definitions]
pocketknife a small knife with a blade or blades that fold into the handle.
tuck to pull or gather up into or as if into a fold or folds (usually followed by "in" or "up"). [2/6 definitions]
wrinkle1 a fold or ridge on an otherwise flat surface, such as cloth or skin. [1/2 definitions]