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bluff2 to try to fool a person by pretending something is true when it is not. [1/3 definitions]
deceive to cause to believe something that is not true; trick or fool.
dodge a trick or plan to avoid having to do something difficult or to fool someone. [1/5 definitions]
double-cross (informal) to fool or cheat by doing the opposite of what one has agreed to do.
idiot a stupid person; fool.
kid2 (informal) to tell a lie to or fool. [1/2 definitions]
pose1 a way of acting in order to fool people. [1/5 definitions]
pull the wool over someone's eyes (informal) to trick or fool someone.
trap1 a trick used to catch or fool someone. [1/5 definitions]
trick something done to fool or cheat someone. [2/6 definitions]