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block the use of the body to stop the movement of another player in football and other sports. [1/9 definitions]
bowl1 a football game played at the end of the season by winning teams. [1/5 definitions]
complete a forward pass in football that has been caught by a player of the same team. [1/6 definitions]
football the oval-shaped ball used in a game of American football. [1/4 definitions]
gridiron a football field. [1/2 definitions]
half time the rest period between the two halves of football and basketball games and certain other sports events.
huddle a gathering of a football team's players to get instructions for the next play. [1/5 definitions]
kickoff a kick in football that puts the ball into action and signals the beginning or continuing of the game. [1/2 definitions]
lateral a sideways or backward football pass to another player. [1/2 definitions]
mask a covering of metal bars or wire mesh used for protection of the face, especially in sports such as fencing, hockey, and American football. [1/6 definitions]
quarterback the football player who calls the plays and handles the ball in most plays.
receive to play football in the position of one whose job is to catch forward passes. [1/5 definitions]
receiver a football player whose job is to catch a forward pass. [1/3 definitions]
touchdown the act of scoring six points in football by catching or carrying the ball behind the opponent's goal line. [1/2 definitions]