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butcher someone who kills or cuts up meat to make ready for sale. [2/3 definitions]
catalog an organized list of things such as book titles, goods for sale, or other items. Catalogs usually give a short description of each item on the list. [1/2 definitions]
hawk2 to offer for sale by calling out or going from place to place.
market to sell or offer for sale. [1/4 definitions]
nursery a place where plants or trees are grown for sale. [1/3 definitions]
offering that which is offered, either as a gift or for sale.
peddle to offer for sale on the street or from door to door.
publish to prepare and bring out for sale for the public to read.
second1 (plural) items for sale that have minor flaws. [1/6 definitions]
sell to offer for sale. [1/5 definitions]
stock the total of goods ready for sale by a merchant or business. [1/12 definitions]
subdivide to divide into building lots for sale to separate owners. [1/2 definitions]
vend to sell or offer for sale in person or through a machine.
ware (usually plural) a thing or things offered for sale. [2 definitions]