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blockhouse a fort or building with openings for weapons to fire through, formerly built of heavy wood boards. [1/2 definitions]
Burmese of or having to do with the country of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) or with its people, culture, language, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
Congo Republic of the Congo, formerly known as the French Congo; a country in Central Africa, south of Gabon and north of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Brazzaville is the capital of the Republic of the Congo. [2 definitions]
euro the currency unit of eighteen countries in the European Union. The euro was introduced in 1999, and, in countries that have adopted it, it replaces the type of money that was formerly used.
Ho Chi Minh City the largest city in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City used to be called Saigon. Saigon was formerly the capital of South Vietnam.
once at one time in the past; formerly. [1/4 definitions]
Pluto a dwarf planet in the Earth's solar system, formerly considered a planet and the one that was smallest and farthest from the sun. [1/2 definitions]
shilling a coin formerly in circulation in England and colonial America. [1/2 definitions]
Yugoslavia formerly, a country in southeastern Europe located south of Austria and Hungary. Yugoslavia existed as a country from 1918 until it began to break up toward the end of the twentieth century. Eventually, it split up into the independent countries of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Serbia. Belgrade, which is now the capital of Serbia, was the capital of Yugoslavia.
Zaire See Congo. The Democratic Republic of the Congo was formerly called Zaire. [1/2 definitions]