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accurate free of mistakes or error. [1/2 definitions]
acquit to free from a charge of breaking the law; declare not guilty.
at liberty free from being confined. [1/2 definitions]
bail1 money left with a court to make sure that a person who is set free after arrest will return for trial. [1/3 definitions]
bankrupt not able to pay money owed and free by law from having to pay. [1/2 definitions]
budget the amount of money free to be spent for a certain period or purpose. [1/3 definitions]
carefree having nothing to worry about; free of cares or serious thoughts; cheerful.
clean pure; free from pollution. [1/6 definitions]
clear free of darkness, clouds, or haze. [6/14 definitions]
complimentary free of charge. [1/2 definitions]
computer lab a room where there are many computers. Computer labs are often found in schools and libraries and can usually be used for free.
cure to cause to become completely free of a disease or other unhealthy condition. [1/4 definitions]
defrost to become free of frost or ice. [1/2 definitions]
deliver to set free or save. [1/5 definitions]
ease to free from pain, worry, or trouble. [1/4 definitions]
emancipate to free from slavery or other control.
escape to get free. [1/5 definitions]
exempt to free from something that others are always required to do; excuse. [1/2 definitions]
fair1 free from rain, snow, and storms; clear. [1/7 definitions]
free to set loose; make free. [1/10 definitions]
freedom the condition of being free or freed; liberty. [2/3 definitions]