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Buddhism a religion from Asia, founded in the sixth century B.C. by Buddha. Buddhism teaches freedom from the self and from one's wants.
calm a condition of freedom from disturbance; peace and quiet. [1/6 definitions]
cramp2 to limit the freedom of by closely confining.
ease freedom from pain, worry, or hard work. [1/4 definitions]
holiday a time of freedom from one's usual work or study. [1/2 definitions]
independence freedom from outside control. [1/2 definitions]
innocence freedom from guilt, blame, or fault. [1/2 definitions]
leisure freedom from work or other duties that take time and effort; free time.
leotard a garment worn by dancers, gymnasts, and others. It is made of one piece and covers the body while it stretches to allow freedom of movement.
liberal a person who wants a certain kind of government. That government would support social change and the freedom of people to make their own choices. [1/4 definitions]
liberty freedom from being confined or controlled. [2/3 definitions]
option the right, power, or freedom to choose. [1/2 definitions]
peace a state of freedom from war or conflict. [1/3 definitions]
quiet freedom from noise. [1/8 definitions]
restrain to take away the freedom of. [1/2 definitions]
run freedom to move about in or use. [1/30 definitions]
security freedom from fear or danger; safety. [1/2 definitions]
spoil to harm the character of by giving too much freedom, too much money, or not enough punishment. [1/4 definitions]
spoiled having been led to think that one can do or have whatever one wants, as a result of being allowed too much freedom or being given things in excess of what one needs. [1/3 definitions]