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cake a flat, round portion of food that is baked or fried. [1/4 definitions]
chip1 a thin, crisp slice of food that has been baked or fried. Chips are often eaten as a snack. [2/6 definitions]
crisp the British word for a very thin slice of potato that is fried in oil and seasoned with salt and sometimes other flavorings. Crisp has the same meaning as potato chip. [1/4 definitions]
doughnut a small, sweet cake shaped like a ring, that has been fried in deep fat.
French fries (often lower case) potatoes cut into long strips and fried in fat.
fry1 (usually plural) long pieces of potato that have been fried. [1/2 definitions]
hash1 a dish of chopped meat and vegetables that have already been cooked. Hash is fried or heated again in gravy. [1/2 definitions]
okra a green vegetable that is shaped like a tube. Okra becomes sticky when cooked and is used in soups or fried. [1/2 definitions]
pancake a flat round cake of batter fried on both sides in a frying pan or a griddle.