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ahead before; in front. [1/3 definitions]
air bag a bag in the front of some cars that blows up with air instantly in a crash to stop the passengers from being thrown forward.
apron a garment that covers all or part of the front of the body. An apron is worn to protect the clothing underneath.
back the opposite side from the front. [2/10 definitions]
bayonet a weapon like a knife attached to the front end of a rifle for use in close fighting.
beaver1 a large rodent, up to four feet long, with thick brown fur and a wide flat tail. Beavers use their long front teeth to cut down trees for food and to build dams and lodges (beaver houses). They use the dams to keep water around their lodges. Beavers live in North America, Europe, and Asia.
beetle1 an insect with a pair of hard front wings that covers a pair of thin wings. There are many different kinds of beetles. Japanese beetles, ladybugs, and fireflies are beetles.
before in front of; ahead of. [1/6 definitions]
belly the front of a person or underside of an animal; stomach.
biceps the large muscle at the front of the upper arm that bends the elbow.
bow3 the front part of a ship or boat.
breast the front part of the body between the neck and the stomach; chest. [1/2 definitions]
buck2 of an animal, to leap off the ground and come down with stiff front legs. [1/3 definitions]
bucktooth an upper front tooth that sticks out.
bug an insect with front wings that are thick at the base and thin at the tip. There are many kinds of bugs. All have mouths made for sucking, and most feed on plants. [1/6 definitions]
bulldozer a tractor with a large blade attached to the front that pushes or lifts soil or rocks.
bumper the heavy bar on the front and back of cars and trucks that protects the vehicle from damage if it hits something. [1/2 definitions]
canine a pointed tooth between the front teeth and molars of many mammals. [1/3 definitions]
centipede a small animal with a narrow body like a worm. A centipede's body is divided into many segments, each having a pair of legs. The front legs have poison claws. Centipedes are a kind of arthropod and are active at night.
cetacean a kind of mammal that lives in the water and has front limbs that look like paddles and back limbs that do not show. Whales, porpoises, and dolphins are all cetaceans.
chest the upper front part of the body between the neck and waist. [1/3 definitions]