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carbon dioxide a gas without color or odor that is made up of carbon and oxygen. Carbon dioxide is in the air and is used in soft drinks. Frozen carbon dioxide is called dry ice.
freeze the act of freezing or state of being frozen. [1/6 definitions]
freezer a very cold refrigerator that freezes foods or stores frozen foods.
frost a light, white covering of dew or water vapor frozen into ice crystals. [1/5 definitions]
hail2 round pieces of frozen rain or a storm of this frozen rain. [1/4 definitions]
ice water in a frozen, solid state. [2/6 definitions]
ice cream a rich, sweet, frozen food made by mixing cream and milk products. Ice cream is made in many different flavors.
sherbet a frozen dessert made mainly of fruit juice, sugar, and gelatin.
thaw to go from being a frozen solid to being a soft solid or a liquid. [2/4 definitions]
walrus a large mammal with tusks and thick, brown skin. Walruses are the largest pinnipeds or mammals with four flippers instead of feet. They spend much of their time on beaches or on frozen ocean in Arctic regions. Walruses are closely related to sea lions and seals.