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aeronautics (used with a singular verb) a science that deals with making and flying aircraft.
air force the branch of a nation's armed forces that trains and fights using aircraft.
applesauce a sweet sauce made by cooking apples until they are soft.
beacon a signal of light or radio waves that guides or warns ships or aircraft.
blessing a special favor or gift. [1/3 definitions]
buzz to fly over very low in an aircraft. [1/4 definitions]
firm1 hard or solid when pressed; not soft. [1/2 definitions]
fly1 to travel in or pilot an aircraft. [1/9 definitions]
foot a unit of length equal to twelve inches or 30.48 centimeters. (abbreviated: ft.) [1/3 definitions]
ford a shallow place in a river or other body of water that can be crossed without a boat or raft. [1/2 definitions]
gear stick the British word for the lever used to change gears in a car, truck, or other motor vehicle. Gear stick has the same meaning as gearshift.
give away to give for free instead of selling; give as a gift. [1/2 definitions]
graft1 to attach as a graft. [1/3 definitions]
hangar a shelter for aircraft.
heavy having much weight or hard to lift. [1/4 definitions]
jet engine an engine that causes forward movement by the power of a stream of gases being forced out under pressure in the opposite direction. Jet engines are often used in aircraft.
last1 being the only one left. [1/7 definitions]
left-hand on or toward the left. [1/2 definitions]
look a gift horse in the mouth not to be grateful for a gift; to criticize something received as a gift.
mink the fur of this animal. Mink fur is valuable because it is very soft. [1/2 definitions]
navigator a person who charts, sets, and steers the course of a ship or aircraft. [1/2 definitions]