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adult a person who is fully grown and mature; grown-up. [2/4 definitions]
carbon monoxide a poisonous gas with no color or smell. Carbon monoxide forms when a material made of carbon, like gasoline, is not fully burned because of too little air.
elaborate to add details to something; explain more fully (often followed by "on" or "upon"). [1/2 definitions]
engross to take all the attention of; interest fully.
mature fully grown. [3/4 definitions]
recyclable able to be reused in some form, either fully or partially. [1/2 definitions]
ripe fully grown and ready for harvest or eating.
season to cause to fully develop by going through certain conditions. [1/4 definitions]
sleep to be in the state of rest for the body and mind in which the eyes are closed and one is not fully conscious. [2/5 definitions]
trance a condition in which one seems to be asleep and cannot fully control movements or the mind. A trance can be caused by hypnosis or illness.
wide as fully as possible; completely. [1/7 definitions]