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ahead in the future. [1/3 definitions]
Apollo the god of light, music, poetry, and healing in Greek and Roman mythology. Apollo was also the god of prophecy. People travelled to his shrine at Delphi to ask questions about future events.
apprehensive feeling fearful about future events.
aside set apart for future use or need. [1/3 definitions]
be used with the present participle or infinitive of a verb to show a future action that is required or intended. [1/8 definitions]
bet to agree to pay if one's guess about some future event is wrong. [1/4 definitions]
bode1 to serve as a sign about the future; show ahead of time.
can2 to put in a sealed jar to keep fresh for future use. [1/3 definitions]
could used in present or future time to talk about some action or state that is possible but not certain; often used in polite requests or offers. [1/2 definitions]
eternity time without beginning or end; all of the past, present, and future. [1/2 definitions]
eventual sure to happen at some time in the future.
eventually at a future time; in the end; finally.
farsighted wise about guessing or knowing what will happen in the future. [1/2 definitions]
forecast a guess or estimate about something that will happen in the future. [1/2 definitions]
foresight concern and planning for future needs and events; prudence.
fortuneteller a person who claims to have the ability to see and tell about events that will happen in the future.
future tense a form of a verb that shows that something will happen or a condition will exist in the future. In the sentence "We will go to the zoo," "will go" is in the future tense.
hoard a collection or supply of something that is hidden or stored in order to have it available in the future. [1/2 definitions]
infinitive the simple form of a verb that has no subject and does not show past, present or future tense. It is usually formed by the word "to" followed by the base form of a verb. In the sentence, "I want to leave now," "to leave" is an infinitive.
inoculate to inject with a very small amount of a disease to help resist that disease in the future.
later at some future or following time. [2/3 definitions]