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disposal a device for grinding garbage so that it goes down the drain. [1/3 definitions]
dump a place for unloading trash and garbage. [1/3 definitions]
raccoon a small mammal with brown and gray fur, a long tail with black rings, and a pointed face with black markings that look like a mask. Raccoons eat plants and small animals such as insects and frogs. In towns and cities, they eat garbage. Several kinds of raccoons live in North and South America and on Caribbean islands.
refuse2 something without any worth; garbage; trash.
rubbish material that is thrown away or useless; garbage. [1/2 definitions]
sanitation the practice of keeping the public healthy by providing clean living conditions. Sanitation includes removing garbage and keeping drinking water clean.
tip2 a British word for a place specifically intended for dumping rubbish and refuse. This meaning of tip has the same meaning as garbage dump. [1/6 definitions]
trash anything that is thrown away because it is not wanted or is considered worthless; garbage; rubbish.
waste things that are thrown away; garbage; refuse. [2/11 definitions]