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abolish to get rid of or do away with; end.
access to get to; reach. [1/4 definitions]
accomplish to successfully reach or get through. [1/2 definitions]
ace to get a grade of A on or for. [1/5 definitions]
achieve to get by trying hard. [1/2 definitions]
acquire to get or come to have as one's own.
a dime a dozen (informal) plentiful and easy to get; common; cheap.
adjust to change in order to fit in; get used to. [1/3 definitions]
alight1 to step down or get off. [1/2 definitions]
arise to get up from sitting or sleep. [1/3 definitions]
associative property in addition and multiplication, the characteristic that allows you to add or multiply a group of numbers in any order and get the same answer. For example, in multiplication, (5 x 2) x 7 is equal to (7 x 2) x 5.
available able to be used or possible to get.
bedpan a shallow pan used as a toilet by a person who cannot get out of bed.
blackmail the act of getting such money or of trying to get it. [1/3 definitions]
block to get in the way of movement or stop progress. [1/9 definitions]
board to get into or on. [1/8 definitions]
breast either of the two glands on the human chest, usually bigger on women than on men. Babies get milk from female breasts. [1/2 definitions]
bum (informal) to ask for and get, with no plan to pay back or return. [1/3 definitions]
bus stop a place along a bus route where the bus will stop to let people get on or off the bus.
buy to get in return for paying money; purchase. [1/3 definitions]
cash to give or get cash for; exchange for money. [1/2 definitions]