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bestow to give as a gift or award (usually followed by "on").
blessing a special favor or gift. [1/3 definitions]
donation the gift or contribution thus made. [1/2 definitions]
dower a natural gift or talent. [1/4 definitions]
favor a gift given to each person at a social event. [1/6 definitions]
give away to give for free instead of selling; give as a gift. [1/2 definitions]
grant that which is given; a gift. [1/3 definitions]
handout a gift of money, food, or something else to the poor. [1/2 definitions]
look a gift horse in the mouth not to be grateful for a gift; to criticize something received as a gift.
offering that which is offered, either as a gift or for sale.
on the house free, as a gift from a business.
pledge an amount of money promised as a gift to a group in need. [1/7 definitions]
present2 to give or provide with a gift or award. [2/5 definitions]
sacrifice the gift of something to a god as an act of worship. [1/7 definitions]
talented having a natural skill or gift in some activity.
tip3 a small gift of money given as a way of thanking someone for a service done. [1/4 definitions]
valentine a greeting card or gift sent on Valentine's Day. [1/2 definitions]