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accompany to go with. [1/3 definitions]
approach to come or go near to. [2/6 definitions]
around so as to surround or go around. [1/12 definitions]
arrow a sign shaped like an arrow. An arrow is used to point out a place or show which way to go. [1/2 definitions]
ascend to go upward; climb; rise. [2 definitions]
attend to go along with; accompany. [1/4 definitions]
auxiliary verb a verb used with a main verb to complete the main verb's meaning. Some examples of auxiliary verbs are "have" in "I have escaped" and "should" in "You should go."
backpack to go camping or hiking using a backpack. [1/2 definitions]
balk to stop suddenly and refuse to go on. [1/3 definitions]
bathe to go swimming. [1/4 definitions]
bear1 to go in a certain direction; turn. [1/7 definitions]
blend to go together well. [1/4 definitions]
-bound a suffix that means "going toward," or "planning to go to." [1/2 definitions]
bowling alley a place where people go for bowling. [1/2 definitions]
boycott to refuse to buy, use, or go to, in order to make a protest or bring about a change. [1/2 definitions]
break to go beyond. [1/19 definitions]
buck2 to go forward in a series of jerks. [1/3 definitions]
bypass a road that is built to go around a busy area or to avoid something in the way. [2 definitions]
canter to go or cause to go at a canter. [1/2 definitions]
carpool an agreement among a group of automobile drivers who work together, or whose children go to the same school. Each driver takes turns driving the others.
carry on to continue to do or go on as before. [1/2 definitions]