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acceptable good enough to be accepted or approved of.
addiction the condition of being addicted, especially to something that is not good for one's health.
adios a word that means "good-bye" in Spanish.
admirable very good; worthy of praise; deserving of being admired.
advantage the good or benefit that is gained from something. [1/2 definitions]
advertise to present as good or favorable in order to win people's business or support. [1/3 definitions]
advisable being good and wise advice; sensible; recommended.
aggression an attack or war against a country started without good cause by another country. [1/2 definitions]
allegory in art or literature, the use of concrete characters, events, or things, to represent abstract qualities or ideas, often to make a point about good and evil. [1/2 definitions]
all right good enough; satisfactory. [1/4 definitions]
approval good opinion; favorable thoughts. [1/2 definitions]
approve to consider good or right. [1/3 definitions]
artist a person who is good at painting, music, writing, or any other art. [1/2 definitions]
auk a sea bird with webbed feet and short wings that lives in colder parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Auks are good at swimming and diving.
average not especially good or especially bad. [1/7 definitions]
b a grade given for good, but not excellent, schoolwork. [1/3 definitions]
bad not good; naughty. [1/10 definitions]
ball2 (informal) a very good time or experience. [1/2 definitions]
bargain something that is sold or bought at a good price, especially if it is worth more than what was given in exchange. [1/3 definitions]
become to look good with; suit well. [1/3 definitions]
beneath not good enough for. [1/4 definitions]