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a1 a grade given for excellent schoolwork. [1/3 definitions]
ace to get a grade of A on or for. [1/5 definitions]
b a grade given for good, but not excellent, schoolwork. [1/3 definitions]
c1 a grade given for average or moderately good schoolwork. [1/3 definitions]
culm1 particle waste from coal screening. [1/3 definitions]
d a grade given for poor, or below average school work. [1/3 definitions]
f a grade given for failing schoolwork. [1/3 definitions]
fail to receive a grade below passing in. [2/7 definitions]
grade to give a grade to; evaluate. [1/7 definitions]
high school a school that begins with grades nine or ten and ends with grade twelve.
mark1 a grade on a school paper or test. [2/9 definitions]
p a grade given for passing or satisfactory school work. [1/2 definitions]
promotion a raise to a higher grade or position. [1/3 definitions]
rate1 the condition, grade, or quality of something. [1/6 definitions]
s a grade given for satisfactory school work. [1/2 definitions]
score to give a grade to. [1/8 definitions]
u a grade given for unsatisfactory school work. [1/2 definitions]