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Aegean Sea the part of the Mediterranean Sea that lies between the countries of Greece and Turkey.
Athens the capital city of Greece, in modern and ancient times.
Balkan Peninsula a European peninsula between the Adriatic Sea on the west and the Black and Aegean Seas on the east. Some of the countries on the Balkan Peninsula are Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Croatia, Serbia, and Bulgaria.
classic (plural) the literature of ancient Greece or Rome. [1/4 definitions]
Greece a country in southern Europe on the Mediterranean Sea. Athens is the capital of Greece.
Greek of or having to do with Greece, or its people, culture, or language. [2/3 definitions]
lyre a stringed instrument of ancient Greece that is like a harp.
Macedonia a region of southeastern Europe that lies mostly in Greece and in the country of North Macedonia.
North Macedonia a country in southeastern Europe north of Greece. North Macedonia is also called the Republic of North Macedonia. Skopje is the capital of North Macedonia.
Olympus a mountain in northern Greece, believed in ancient times to be the place where the gods lived; Mount Olympus.