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bet to agree to pay if one's guess about some future event is wrong. [1/4 definitions]
crossword puzzle a puzzle in which a person must guess words from clues and enter them in a pattern of squares, one letter per square.
estimate to make a careful guess about the amount, size, or worth of. [2 definitions]
estimated resulting from a careful guess rather than exact counting or calculation.
estimation a careful guess or opinion based on experience and information.
expect (informal) to guess or suppose. [1/5 definitions]
forecast a guess or estimate about something that will happen in the future. [1/2 definitions]
hunch a feeling that something is going to happen; a guess. [1/2 definitions]
hypothesis a prediction or educated guess that can be tested and can be used to guide further study.
imagine to guess; suppose. [1/2 definitions]
infer to make a guess based on facts and observations; conclude.
invaluable having value too great to guess or measure; priceless.
projection a guess of a future situation based on looking at the present situation. [1/5 definitions]
value to set or guess the worth of. [1/5 definitions]