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barrel any cylindrical part, such as the shaft of a gun. [1/4 definitions]
blank a gun cartridge without a bullet. [1/6 definitions]
bullet a small rounded or pointed metal object shot from a gun or rifle.
cannon a large gun that is set on wheels or some other base. Cannons fire heavy shells.
chamber the compartment of a gun that holds the shell or cartridge. [1/5 definitions]
clip2 a device holding several bullets that is put into a gun. [1/3 definitions]
dart a short arrow thrown with the hand or shot from a gun. [1/4 definitions]
fire to shoot a gun. [1/9 definitions]
firearm a small gun, such as a pistol or rifle.
flintlock a part of an old-fashioned gun no longer in use. This part makes a spark that sets the powder inside on fire. [2 definitions]
gun to shoot using a rifle or gun (often followed by "down"). [1/3 definitions]
gunfire the firing of a gun.
gunner a soldier or sailor who fires or helps to fire a large gun or cannon.
holdup a robbery by someone using a gun. [1/2 definitions]
hold up to rob using a gun. [1/4 definitions]
holster a case for a gun or pistol that can be attached to a belt and is made of leather or other material.
machine gun an automatic gun that fires bullets one right after the other as long as its trigger is pressed.
magazine the part of a gun that holds the bullets. [1/2 definitions]
musket a heavy gun with a long barrel. Muskets were carried on the shoulder. They were used over three hundred years ago, before rifles were invented.
muzzle the open end of the barrel of a gun. A bullet is shot out of a gun through the muzzle. Old rifles were loaded through the muzzle. [1/6 definitions]
pistol a small gun that is held and fired with one hand.