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accustomed in the habit of (usually followed by "to"). [1/2 definitions]
alcoholism a disease caused by the habit of drinking too much alcohol. Alcoholism is characterized by a strong desire to drink alcohol, difficulties in behaving properly, and troubling effects when alcohol use is stopped.
cleanliness the condition of being clean, or not dirty; the habit of always keeping clean.
condition to respond in a certain way to things; to develop a habit of. [1/7 definitions]
habitual done by habit. [2 definitions]
practice an activity that is the usual way of doing something; rule; habit. [2/7 definitions]
prey the habit or typical action of preying. [1/6 definitions]
prone having the habit of; being likely to. [1/3 definitions]
secrecy the habit of keeping things secret. [1/2 definitions]
slave a person who is under the control of some habit or other power. [1/4 definitions]
squint the act or habit of squinting. [1/2 definitions]
use used in the past tense with "to," to show a past habit or state. [1/9 definitions]
used familiar with; in the habit of (followed by "to"). [1/2 definitions]