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atlas (cap.) a giant in Greek mythology who had to support the heavens on his shoulders. [1/2 definitions]
Aztec a member of an Indian people who had an advanced civilization in central Mexico before Spain conquered it in 1519.
brontosaur a huge dinosaur that only ate plants. Brontosaurs had heavy bodies and very long necks and tails. They lived over 100 million years ago. Brontosaurs are now called apatosaurs by scientists who study dinosaurs.
chicken out (informal) to not do something that one had planned to do, because of getting too scared.
cornucopia the mythical horn of a goat that had an endless supply of food; horn of plenty. The cornucopia is used as a symbol of having plenty to eat. [1/2 definitions]
dried having had all the water or moisture removed. [1/2 definitions]
drunk having had too much alcohol to drink; intoxicated. [1/3 definitions]
envy something someone has that other people wish they had. [1/3 definitions]
fate an ending or outcome that had to happen because of this power; destiny. [1/2 definitions]
hadn't shortened form of "had not."
he'd shortened form of "he had" or "he would."
heifer a young cow that has not had a calf.
I'd shortened form of "I would" or "I had."
jaundiced having or looking as if one had jaundice.
knight a soldier on horseback in the Middle Ages. A knight had to serve as an apprentice and follow many rules. [1/4 definitions]
knock down to make a person or object that had been standing fall to the ground.
mammoth a very large extinct mammal closely related to elephants. Mammoths were much bigger than elephants, and had shaggy black fur and long tusks that curved upward. Several kinds of mammoths lived in the Northern Hemisphere until the end of the last Ice Age. [1/2 definitions]
Neptune the god of the sea in Roman mythology. Neptune had control of the tides. In Greek mythology, Neptune is called Poseidon. [1/2 definitions]
pillory a wooden structure that had holes for holding a person's head and hands. Pillories were used in early America to punish people who had broken the law by having them displayed in this way and be laughed at by the public.
pterodactyl a flying reptile that lived at the same time as dinosaurs. Pterodactyls had wings covered with skin. Some were huge and glided over the oceans and caught fish. They became extinct over sixty-five million years ago.
recovery the act of getting back something that had been lost or stolen. [1/2 definitions]