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aardvark a large mammal with a long snout, long ears, a long tail, and almost no hair. Aardvarks are active at night, when they use their powerful claws to dig open ant or termite nests. They catch their food with long, sticky tongues. Aardvarks live in southern and central Africa. Although they are sometimes called anteaters, aardvarks are not closely related to any other kind of mammal.
albino a human or animal that is born without normal coloring. Albinos have very pale skin and hair and pink eyes. Plants can also be albinos.
allergy a condition in which a person's body has an unusual reaction to certain things. An allergy can cause itching, coughing, sneezing, or trouble breathing. Allergies to animal hair, pollen, and certain foods are among the most common.
Angora any of various animals that have long silky hair, such as a cat, rabbit, or goat. [3 definitions]
bald having little or no hair on the head. [1/2 definitions]
bangs a fringe of hair cut straight across the forehead.
barber a person whose job is to shave, trim, or style hair and beards.
barrette a small clip used for holding hair in place.
beard the hair growing on a man's face. [2 definitions]
black (sometimes capitalized) a person who has ancestors who came from Africa and who typically has dark skin, eyes, and hair; African American. [2/7 definitions]
blond having light yellow hair. [1/3 definitions]
boxer a breed of dog. Boxers have short hair, a square jaw, and a brown coat. [1/2 definitions]
braid to weave together three or more pieces of material or strands of hair to form one length that looks like a rope. [2/3 definitions]
bristle a short, stiff hair on an animal. [2/4 definitions]
brow the ridge of bone above the eye, or the hair growing on it; eyebrow. [1/2 definitions]
brunette a person with dark brown hair. [1/2 definitions]
bulldog a breed of dog. Bulldogs are powerful dogs with short legs, short hair, and very strong, square jaws.
bun a hair style shaped like a bun. The hair is gathered at the back or top of the head. [1/2 definitions]
coat the fur or body hair of an animal. [1/5 definitions]
collie a Scottish breed of dog. Collies are large dogs with long, narrow heads and long hair. They were once raised to herd sheep.
comb a thin piece of plastic or other material that has teeth along one side. It is used to smooth, arrange, or hold hair in place. [1/5 definitions]