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ax a tool with a blade attached to the end of a long handle. An ax is used for chopping wood.
bottle a container with a narrow neck and no handle used to hold or pour liquids. A bottle is usually made of glass or plastic. [1/3 definitions]
broom a device for sweeping. A broom has a bundle of straw or a brush attached to the end of a long handle.
brush1 a tool made of stiff hairs or bristles that have been fastened to a handle. A brush is used for grooming, painting, or scrubbing. [1/6 definitions]
bucket an open container with round sides, a flat bottom, and a curved handle attached to the top; pail.
cashier1 a person whose job is to handle the money in a bank. [1/2 definitions]
clumsy difficult to handle or use. [1/3 definitions]
colander a bowl-shaped container with many holes in the bottom, used especially for washing fruits and vegetables and also for draining the water away from spaghetti or other pasta. A colander usually has very small legs on the bottom, and it often has a handle or handles.
cope1 to handle or deal with in a successful way (often followed by "with").
crop a whip handle, or the short riding whip used on horses. [1/7 definitions]
diplomat a person whose job is to handle relations with the governments of other countries. [1/2 definitions]
dipper a cup with a long handle used to lift liquids. [1/2 definitions]
doorknob a rounded handle or knob used to open and close a door.
dustpan a flat pan shaped like a small shovel with an attached handle. It is usually made of metal or plastic. A dustpan is used for gathering up dust or dirt while sweeping with a broom.
flail a farm tool used to separate seeds from grain. A flail has a long handle with a short, swinging bar on one end. [1/4 definitions]
fork a tool with a handle and two or more points. Small forks are used for eating. Large forks are used for digging and pitching hay. [1/4 definitions]
frying pan a shallow pan with a long handle, used for frying food.
fumble to handle in a clumsy way; make a mess of. [1/4 definitions]
grip a part that can be held; handle. [1/6 definitions]
hammer a hand tool with a solid, heavy head on a handle. It is used to pound or to beat something into shape or place. [1/5 definitions]
hatchet a small ax with a short handle that can be used with one hand.