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accompany to be connected with; happen at the same time as; follow. [1/3 definitions]
act up to happen again or return, as an illness or malfunction. [1/2 definitions]
anxiety a feeling of being worried, nervous, or afraid that something will happen.
apprehension fear about what may happen. [1/3 definitions]
be to take place or happen. [1/8 definitions]
become of to happen to; to be the result of.
befall to take place; happen. [2 definitions]
bring to cause to happen or change. [1/3 definitions]
bring about to cause to happen or exist.
button a small object that is pressed to make something happen. [1/5 definitions]
calendar a list of important events arranged in the order in which they happen; schedule. [1/2 definitions]
can1 used to express the possibility for something to happen or to be a certain way. [1/4 definitions]
cause to make happen; be the cause of. [1/4 definitions]
chance a measure of how likely it is that a thing will happen; probability. [2/8 definitions]
chronological according to the order in which things happen.
coincide to be in the same place or happen at the same time. [1/2 definitions]
condition something that must happen before another event or thing can occur. [1/7 definitions]
create to cause; make (something) happen. [1/2 definitions]
crop up to appear or happen as a surprise.
crystal ball a globe of glass or crystal used by fortune-tellers to tell what will happen in the future. In stories, crystal balls are often used by witches or wizards.
curse a statement of a wish that something bad will happen to someone or something. [1/6 definitions]