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abacus a device used for counting or calculating. An abacus has beads or other counters that slide along rods or in grooves.
abalone a large sea snail that has several shiny colors on the inside of its shell. Abalone are mollusks. People eat abalone meat and make decorations from the shells.
accomplishment something that has been successfully done or completed; an achievement. [1/2 definitions]
ace a playing card that has only one mark. In card games, an ace has either the highest value of all the cards or the lowest. [1/5 definitions]
acid a chemical substance that dissolves in water, has a sour taste, and turns blue litmus paper red. [1/4 definitions]
acknowledge to reply to; say that one has received. [1/3 definitions]
acquaintance a person one has met but does not know well. [1/2 definitions]
add to say or write more than what has been said or written. [1/6 definitions]
address the place where one lives or a business is located. The address has the street name and number, city, and state or province. [1/6 definitions]
adobe a building material of clay mixed with straw that has been dried by the sun and made into bricks. [1/2 definitions]
African American an American who has ancestors of African descent.
agate a type of quartz that has forms or bands of different colors that look like clouds. [1/2 definitions]
age the length of time that a person or thing has existed. [1/8 definitions]
agent a person who has been given the power to do certain actions for another person. [1/2 definitions]
ain't (informal) a contraction of "am not," "is not," "are not," "have not," or "has not."
air the mixture of gases that surrounds the earth. Air is made up of oxygen, nitrogen, and other gases, and has no taste, odor, or color. [1/6 definitions]
air pressure the force of air on things. Air pressure has to do with how much force air has when it has been compressed into a space like a tire. It is also the pressure of the earth's atmosphere.
airship an aircraft that is lighter than air and can be steered. An airship has an engine and is filled with gas.
all everything a person has to give. [1/8 definitions]
allergy a condition in which a person's body has an unusual reaction to certain things. An allergy can cause itching, coughing, sneezing, or trouble breathing. Allergies to animal hair, pollen, and certain foods are among the most common.
ally a person, group, or country that has joined with another for a particular purpose. [1/2 definitions]