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feed food for birds and animals, such as seeds, grain, or hay. [1/5 definitions]
fodder feed for farm animals, such as stalks of corn cut and mixed with hay.
fork a tool with a handle and two or more points. Small forks are used for eating. Large forks are used for digging and pitching hay. [1/4 definitions]
hay to make (grass or a field of grass) into hay. [1/2 definitions]
hayloft the upper part of a barn or stable, used for storing hay.
haystack a large pile of hay stacked outdoors.
meadow an open field of grass that is growing wild or is used for pasture or to grow hay.
pitchfork a long, sharp tool that is shaped like a fork and is used to move hay or straw.
rake1 a tool that has a long handle and a row of teeth or prongs at one end. It is used to gather hay or fallen leaves or to smooth down soil. [1/4 definitions]
stack a large, neat pile or collection of hay, straw, or grain. [1/5 definitions]
wisp a thin bundle of hay, tuft of hair, or small bit of something else. [1/2 definitions]