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bad not healthy; harmful. [1/10 definitions]
blossom to grow in a strong, healthy way. [1/4 definitions]
calcium a soft, silver-white substance that is one of the chemical elements. Calcium is found in many kinds of rocks. It is used by the body for building healthy bones and teeth. (symbol: Ca)
checkup an examination of a person or thing to discover if there are any problems. Having a doctor look closely at one's body to make sure one is healthy is one kind of checkup. Having a mechanic look at a car to make sure it is running properly is another kind of checkup.
condition to make fit, healthy, or ready to use. [1/7 definitions]
cure something that makes a sick person healthy or well. [2/4 definitions]
dietitian a person who is trained to plan healthful meals for both ill and healthy people.
fit1 in good bodily condition; healthy. [1/6 definitions]
flourish to grow in a strong, healthy way. [1/5 definitions]
fluoridate to add a fluoride to, in order to keep teeth healthy.
fume (often plural) a vapor, smoke, or odor that is not pleasant or healthy. [1/2 definitions]
good well; healthy. [1/12 definitions]
grow to stay alive and healthy. [1/5 definitions]
handsome having a pleasing and healthy appearance; nice to look at. [1/2 definitions]
heal to make whole or healthy again; cure. [2 definitions]
herself in her normal, healthy, or usual condition. [1/3 definitions]
himself in his normal, healthy, or usual condition. [1/3 definitions]
hygiene the practice of keeping clean to stay healthy and prevent disease.
ill not healthy; sick. [1/6 definitions]
itself a normal, healthy, or usual condition. [1/3 definitions]
lush growing thick and healthy. [1/2 definitions]