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acoustics the aspects of a room or space that make sounds easy or difficult to hear (used with a plural verb).
appeal a request that a higher court hear a case. An appeal is made after one has lost a case in a lower court. [1/6 definitions]
audience a group of people gathered to see or hear something. [1/3 definitions]
beautiful delightful to see, hear, or experience; lovely to the senses; having beauty.
conscious awake; able to feel, think, hear, and see. [1/3 definitions]
court the judges or other people who hear and decide legal cases. [1/8 definitions]
deaf not able to hear, or not able to hear well. [1/2 definitions]
distinguish to see or hear in a clear way. [1/4 definitions]
ear1 an ability to hear sounds clearly and accurately. [1/3 definitions]
heard past tense and past participle of "hear."
hearing the ability to hear or sense sound. [2/4 definitions]
inaudible impossible to hear.
judge a person trained to hear and decide cases brought before a court of law. [2/6 definitions]
listen to try to hear. [1/2 definitions]
miss1 to fail to see, hear, or understand. [1/8 definitions]
overhear to hear without the speaker's knowledge.
proclamation the act of announcing to the public, or something that is said for the public to hear.
ring2 to hear a humming sound or echo. [1/11 definitions]
sensitive able to smell, hear, taste, feel, or see very well. [1/4 definitions]
sound1 anything that people or animals can hear with their ears. [1/9 definitions]
understand to hear, learn, or be told; gather. [1/5 definitions]