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appointment a position held by one who is appointed. [1/3 definitions]
arena a stage, ring, or other enclosed area where shows or sports events are held. [1/3 definitions]
-bound a suffix that means "held back by" or "kept in." [1/2 definitions]
bound1 held by ties or fastened by bands; tied. [2/4 definitions]
box1 the amount held in a box. [1/5 definitions]
bullfight a public show held in an arena in which performers first tease and tire out a bull, and then one person using a cape to draw the bull near tries to kill it with a sword. Bullfighting is popular in Spain and Mexico.
canopy a large piece of fabric that is held up by poles and hangs over a space. [1/2 definitions]
capacity the amount that can be held in a particular space. [1/3 definitions]
captive one who is captured and held prisoner. [2 definitions]
cartwheel a sideways somersault with the arms and legs held out straight like the spokes of a wheel. [1/2 definitions]
castanet one of a pair of wooden or ivory instruments that are partly hollowed out. They are held in the hand and clicked together to the rhythms of Spanish dance music.
championship (sometimes plural) one or more contests held to decide the champion. [1/2 definitions]
chandelier a single light fixture that hangs from the ceiling and holds several lights. A chandelier is often used for decoration as well as for lighting a room. Some chandeliers are very large and found only in very formal rooms. Originally, chandeliers held real candles.
classroom a room in a school or college where classes are held.
content1 (usually plural) whatever is held or contained in something. [1/4 definitions]
conviction a belief or opinion that is strongly held. [1/3 definitions]
cram to fill with more than can be easily held. [1/3 definitions]
creed a set of beliefs held by a person or group.
detention the detaining of someone for a short time, either as punishment or until a trial can be held.
dish the amount of food held in a plate or bowl. [1/3 definitions]
dissent to disagree with an opinion or belief held by many others. [1/2 definitions]