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advice an idea or opinion offered as help in making a choice or a decision.
aerobic able to work the heart and lungs to help the body use oxygen better.
aerobics (used with a singular or plural verb) a form of exercise that works the heart and lungs to help the body use oxygen better. Running, swimming, biking, or dance are forms of aerobics.
aid to give help to or assist. [2/3 definitions]
altar boy a young male person who assists the clergy in religious services; acolyte.
altar girl a girl who is trained to help the priest during church worship services.
appeal an earnest request for help. [1/6 definitions]
assistant a person who gives help, aid, or assistance.
bacteria microscopic organisms that often play a role in the decay of living things, the process of fermentation, and sometimes in causing disease. Bacteria are each made up of only one cell, but different kinds of bacteria can take different shapes. These organisms live in all parts of the earth including oceans, deserts, glaciers, hot springs, and in the bodies of most living things. While some kinds of bacteria are dangerous, most kinds are useful because they help in the digestion of food, in the making of soil, in the creation of medicines, and in many other natural processes.
bail1 (informal) to help out of a difficult situation (often followed by "out"). [1/3 definitions]
bearing a machine part that holds another, moving part and allows it to move with less friction. Bearings are often used to help wheels turn. [1/4 definitions]
betray to help the enemy of; commit treason. [1/2 definitions]
boon1 something that is a help or benefit.
boost to give support or help to. [1/5 definitions]
buffet2 a meal at which people help themselves to food laid out on a large table or buffet. [1/2 definitions]
cartoon a drawing or series of drawings that make people laugh or think; comic strip. Cartoons often have words to show what a character is thinking or saying or to help explain what is happening. [1/2 definitions]
cartridge a small case that holds some material or a piece of equipment. A cartridge is put into a larger device to help make it work. [1/3 definitions]
chivalry the qualities expected of an ideal knight during the Middle Ages in Europe. These included courage, honor, politeness, and being prepared to help those in need.
clover a common plant that has leaves in groups of three and small, rounded flowers. Clover is often grown in fields to help enrich the soil.
compassion a feeling of sharing another's suffering that leads to a desire to help.
contractor a person who signs an agreement to carry out a particular job at a certain price and also to supply necessary things for the job. A contractor often hires, supervises, and pays other people to help or to do the work. A person in charge of building or repairing a house is often a contractor.