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administer to serve or act in a helpful way; tend (usually followed by "to"). [1/3 definitions]
advantageous giving a benefit or advantage; helpful; useful.
adverse not helpful to one's wishes or interests. [1/2 definitions]
beneficial having a good or favorable effect; helpful.
benefit to be helpful to; have good results for. [1/4 definitions]
constructive serving to make better or more clear; helpful.
favor a kind or helpful act. [1/6 definitions]
favorable giving a benefit or advantage; helpful. [1/3 definitions]
feedback the opinions, corrections, or comments that are made after being presented with something. Such comments have been asked for by someone who is interested in knowing whether the thing presented is acceptable, helpful, or successful. [1/2 definitions]
friendly kind and helpful. [1/2 definitions]
kind1 helpful; friendly; good. [1/2 definitions]
lend to give in a helpful way. [1/3 definitions]
negative not helpful or constructive; critical; pessimistic. [1/7 definitions]
neighborly like a kind neighbor; friendly or helpful.
positive something that is good or helpful. [1/7 definitions]
preference something good or helpful given to one over others. [1/3 definitions]
productive having or producing results that are helpful or useful. [1/2 definitions]
profitable useful or helpful to one. [1/2 definitions]
useful able to be used in a helpful, practical, or effective way.