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ambush a surprise attack made from a hidden place. [2/3 definitions]
blind out of sight; hidden. [1/7 definitions]
bug (informal) a tiny microphone hidden for the purpose of listening to and recording voices secretly. [1/6 definitions]
catch a hidden trick or flaw in something. [1/13 definitions]
conceal to hide or keep hidden from sight.
eclipse the blocking from view of the sun, a moon, or a planet by another heavenly body. In an eclipse of the sun, the sun is hidden from earth's view by the moon passing between the sun and the earth. [1/3 definitions]
ferret to search for lost or hidden items or information. [1/4 definitions]
frisk to search for something hidden by passing one's hands over a person's clothing. [1/2 definitions]
hoard a collection or supply of something that is hidden or stored in order to have it available in the future. [1/2 definitions]
keep under wraps to keep secret or hidden.
lurk to be hidden; lie in wait. [1/2 definitions]
mine2 a kind of bomb hidden in the ground or in water. A mine is set off by putting pressure on it or by lighting its fuse. [1/5 definitions]
onto aware of another's hidden reasons for doing something. [1/2 definitions]
open the condition of being without secrecy or not being hidden (usually used with "the"). [1/16 definitions]
recess (plural) hidden places. [1/4 definitions]
secluded hidden away from view. [1/2 definitions]
secret something hidden on purpose, such as knowledge or information. [1/5 definitions]
smolder to be present or continue in a quiet or hidden way. [1/2 definitions]
sunshine the bright light of the sun not hidden by clouds.
under cover hidden; in secret.
underground not in public; hidden. [1/6 definitions]