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college a school of higher learning that one attends after high school. Most college programs require four years of study.
diploma an official piece of paper stating that a student has earned a degree or finished a course of study. High schools, colleges, and universities give out diplomas.
freshman a student in the first year of high school, college, or university.
graduate a person who has finished studying at high school or college. A diploma is given to a graduate to show that all the necessary work has been done. [1/2 definitions]
junior of the class above sophomore and below senior in U.S. colleges and high schools; third year. [2/5 definitions]
junior high school a school between elementary school and high school; middle school. Junior high school usually includes grades seven, eight, and nine.
public school in the US, an elementary, middle, or high school that is free and supported by people's taxes. [1/2 definitions]
senior relating to a person or class in the final year of high school or college. [2/7 definitions]
sophomore a student in the second year of high school or college.
university a large school, where people both learn and do research. A student must finish high school before attending a university. Universities offer several levels of degrees.