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Apollo the god of light, music, poetry, and healing in Greek and Roman mythology. Apollo was also the god of prophecy. People travelled to his shrine at Delphi to ask questions about future events.
ark (sometimes capitalized) in the Bible, the large boat built by Noah to save his family and two of every animal from a flood sent by God. [1/2 definitions]
atlas (cap.) a giant in Greek mythology who had to support the heavens on his shoulders. [1/2 definitions]
autograph the name of a person, especially a famous person, written in his or her own handwriting. [1/2 definitions]
backstroke the arm motion of a swimmer moving along on his or her back.
bar mitzvah a Jewish ceremony that celebrates a boy becoming an adult and the beginning of his religious duties. The bar mitzvah usually takes place when the boy is thirteen years old.
castle a large, strong building where a noble lived with his family and servants. Many castles were built long ago to defend the people inside against attacks. [1/2 definitions]
chip off the old block someone who is very much like one of his or her parents.
Christian of, concerning, or coming from the person, actions, or words of Jesus Christ, or the religion based on his teachings. [2/4 definitions]
communion (capitalized) the part of a Christian service that honors the last supper of Jesus and his apostles. [1/2 definitions]
consul a government official who lives in a foreign city. A consul looks after the interests of his or her nation's citizens who live or travel there.
crawl a swimming stroke. The swimmer keeps his face in the water while the feet kick without stopping and the arms reach in front of the head one at a time. [1/6 definitions]
cricket1 an insect that is related to a grasshopper. It has long antennae and strong hind legs for jumping. The male makes a chirping noise by rubbing his front wings together.
Cyclops a giant in Greek mythology who has only one eye, in the middle of his forehead.
embassy an ambassador and his or her staff. [1/2 definitions]
exile a person who is separated from his or her country or home. [1/3 definitions]
eyewitness a person who has seen something happen with his or her own eyes.
go Dutch (informal) to go on an outing or order a meal, with each person paying his or her own share.
gospel (often capitalized) the lessons taught by Jesus Christ and his apostles. [1/3 definitions]
guillotine a device having a sharp blade that is dropped between two guide posts to execute a person by chopping off his or her head. [1/2 definitions]
ham2 an actor who exaggerates his emotions and movements on stage. [1/2 definitions]